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US Law Enforcement Agencies:
- Escondido, CA Police Department

- Oceanside, CA Police Department

- Los Angeles Police Department
- Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

- San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

- Washington DC - Metro Police Department Regional Emergency Response Team

- Warren County Tactical Response Unit

- Westerville Police Department
- Fairborn Police Department
- Wright State University Police Department

- Kettering Regional SWAT
- Honolulu SWAT
- Ohio Disaster Search Dogs (K9)
- Buckeye Search and Rescue K9

- Montgomery County SWAT
- Dayton Police Department
- Bellbrook Police Department

U.S. Goverment:

- US Department of State - Office of Medical Services 

- US Marshall Service- US Department of Justice

- US Naval Criminal Investigative Service

- US Department of State Mobile Security Detachment

- US Department of Energy, Office of Secure Transportation

- US Border Patrol- Federal Bureau of Investigation

- Air Marshals Service

- Department of the Treasury

- Secret Service White House Medical Detachment

- Marine One Medical

Coalition Forces: 

- German KSK, Kampfschwimmers Norwegian SEALS and Special Forces United Kingdom Special 

- Forces Canadian Special Forces

- Swedish Counter Terrorism Force Dutch Kommando Group
- Hong Kong Special Police Unit Belgian Special Forces

- New Zealand Special Forces Italian Special Forces

US Forces:

- 75th Ranger Regiment (RGT-HQ, 1-3rd BN)
- US Navy Special Warfare Development Group
- US Army Combat Applications Group
- US Air Force Para Rescue
- US Marine Corps Special Operations Command
- US Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Companies

- US Army Special Forces
- US Navy (Conventional)
- US Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal
- US Air Force (Conventional)
- US Army (Conventional)
- US Coast Guard
- US Army National Guard

Fire & Rescue Departments:

- Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Fire Department

- Xenia Fire Department
- Fairborn Fire Department
- Beavercreek Fire Department

- Dayton Fire Department

- Westerville Fire Department

- Red Rock Search and Rescue ​

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