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First Responder - Training for All

Learn How to Save a Life

- Bleeding Control (BCON): This one hour, hands-on course is designed for everyone who wants to learn how to stop bleeding in an emergency.  Gain a certification in the skills needed to save a life when time equals blood. Perfect for corporate groups, organizations and clubs. 

- CPR & Basic First Aid (ASHI): Gain a certification in the skills in knowledge to increase the survivial of cardiac arrest and stroke victims. ​

- Wilderness First Aid (ASHI): Do you enjoy the outdoors?  Gain experience from experienced medical personnel in firld conditions.  Come to our Denver training site for a great vacation while learning how to survive the great outdoors. 

- Corporate Training:  Allow 2SRG to deliver relevant medical training to your business team at your offices.  Allow us to prepare your business team for all types of medical emergecies in your home office. 

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