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Tactical Medic


 Custom Courses

- Custom Tactical Medic Courses: Whether you  2SRG works with your local EMS and medical direction to create the ideal course of your officers. Whether you are a medic assigned to a SWAT team, Rescue Task Force (RTF) or have an interest in tactical medicine, 2SRG can provide you with the knowledge and skills to save lives when seconds count.  2SRG’s immersive scenario training provides maximum learning and retention.  Attend one of our scheduled courses or allow us to create a custom course for your EMS group.

- Rescue Task Force (RTF) Training:  RTF is based on the exceptional work of the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care.  Allow 2SRG to tailor training for your law enforcement organiztion that intergrates Law Enforecement, Emergency Services and Fire Rescue for a comprehensive solution to mass shootings and disaters.  

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