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Tactical Combat Casualty Care


- 2SRG has over a decade of experience training thousands special operations forces, U.S. Marines, Hospital Corpsman and Air Force Medical personnel.  

- Custom Training Designed for your Team 

   - 2-5 Day formats tailored to meet your specific operational needs.  

   - Moulage and cadaver course variants available.

   - Come to our training facilities in Denver, Virignia and Las Vegas or let us come to you. ​​

- Mass Casualty Scenarios: Test your TCCC skills in full profile mass casualty exercises available at your location of one of our training centers. 

- Tactical Exercise Support: Allow 2SRG to enhance your tactical training with moulage and instructor support. 

- Prolonged Field Care: Experience Prolonged Field Care (PFC) in our realistic scenario driven exercies. Test your knowledge and equipment in realistic field conditions. 

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